Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gale becomes a cupcake!

For Halloween, I decide to make Gale into a cupcake. I bought some fabric at the craft store and started putting it together without any real plan, I just knew it would be chocolate since she loves chocolate, and it would have white frosting. First, with metallic looking fabric, I made a pleated skirt with stich witchery.

With brown felt, I made a long pillow and stuffed it and glued it to the pleated skirt and made little straps on top to put her arms through.
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The white fur was my frosting. I just decided to make a hole in it and stick her head through and see how it was looking on her the next day. Here she is in the first fitting. It is way too huge. Everything had to be shortened quite a bit but at least I had something working here. She liked being in it which I felt was a success. I think the fur felt like a cozy shrug and she also liked seeing that I stuck her strawberry toy on a headband and she could wear it. At 20 months, she is fond of accesorizing.

Tacking on some sprinkles, and shortening it all up,

Fitting number 2! Much better! She is fascinated by the sprinkles.

And here she is as a cupcake pretending to eat a knitted cupcake from her aunt Wednesday. With all these cupcakes, I think we'll go out for one this afternoon. I'm hungry!(:


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! This is brilliant! And she looks so cute with that little strawberry on her head! HAHAHA!

  2. What a scrumptious little treat she is!

  3. This is amazing Leticia! Well done! Watch out, everyone is going to want to eat her up! :)