Thursday, May 27, 2010

16 months!

I can't believe it. We had a big day on tuesday. During breakfast, Gale held out her hands and smilingly asked me "strawberry?" Hmm, this was wonderful and sad at the same time. Wonderful because she really asked me a question, had a real first word and asked for something to eat, when she really isn't a fan of eating. And sad because I knew we were out of strawberries. So we ate, did some errands, and I gave her a loquat while we were out and again, she raised her hands and asked smilingly, "strawberry?" Hmmm, no, I haven't made it to trader joes by this point...and I told her, 'soon!' Well, I can't really describe the look on her face when she saw the great tower of strawberry boxes from her seat in the grocery cart. She looked so happy- she looked understood! And when we got home, she devoured some, and took a great pleasure in pruning off the tops. I started putting the rest of groceries away and she rose her arms at me, now she wanted the yogurt I was putting away. She asked smilingly, "strawberry?" Hmm, well, I guess everything she wants to eat is called 'strawberry' now.

This was a big day also because my index finger was denied and she left me to toddle all on her own, soon, practically running all over the rose bowl field with glee. That independence must have felt pretty darn good. Go Gale!

Just Picking Up Some Friends in the Pink Convertible

Yes, I'm baby blogging.

Or more like toddler blogging these days. I love this blog opening picture I took a few months ago. She loves to mimic us talking on the phone, but at first, she thought we held our phones to our throats rather than to our ears. It did slide up eventually, although I always enjoyed throat talk.