Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 23 month old reference dictionary

If you hear these words from Gale this holiday season, here is a reference guide:

hee haw, hee haw--- horse, horse!

wow wow, woggie--- dog

ki ki--------kitty, or hello kitty

nana--------grandma esperanza

ga nana-------great grandma maria

mama!!-------I need something now!!

uppy--------I want up

Uppy!!!!!! ----- I want up, down, or out now!

twee wit bowls (tree with balls)-------Christmas tree

hi-eee------- hi!

baby guy--------Baby Gale


weee!-------slide or swings

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She's Been Spotted!

If she was in your shoes...

Color fun

From Duluth, with love

Every week Gale gets a new letter from grammy and Grampy in Minnesota, usually with a surprise inside. Here's a couple..

new 'do

Balamar's buddy

Some oddly serene moments between Gale and Balamar.

Still, Balah (sounds like "voila") remains one of Gale's favorite topics of conversation.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween wrap-up

Before we become totally entrenched in yuletide festivities, we thought it worth noting that Gale's Halloween cupcake ensemble was a sweet success. In fact, at a costume contest she attended with her grandma she won 2nd place out of approximately 90 participants.

She enjoyed trick-or-treating, I think she felt a little more brave with new Halloween baby in hand.

Actually consuming candy will have to wait for another year, but she did celebrate by eating a real cupcake, and sporting a ridiculous chocolate bandito-style mustache.